Achieve Clarity and Control with Chinmai

Please choose the right reason to book your call with me so that I can do my homework before our call.

Business Coaching

Choose this for your 1-1 BONUS coaching call to discuss how you start making money NOW with your book -

  1. How to start marketing your book
  2. How to monetize your digital brand
  3. How to generate leads and get clients
  4. Your Media Kit Bonus Strategy Call
(30 minutes)

Book Architect

Book this slot ONLY if I, Chinmai is your Personal Book Architect and you have questions about about publishing your book:

  1. Want help with 10-10-10 homework
  2. Want help with your book title, chapters and writing your book
  3. Want help with marketing your book
  4. Want help with formatting and editing your book

Do not use this option if I am NOT your Book Architect, else use the 'Business Architect' to book slot with me.
(30 minutes)